Tuesday, 12 February 2013


After the trip to temples we went for a tour of the city. 
This is the Palace of the present King and Queen but they don't stay here at the moment, they only come here during state events or when they invite people over.

The roads the old town area is nice and clear with loads of space, in absence of the Skytrain. This is where the all the ministries and government offices are found. The main roads are nicely decorated with beautiful gardens, decorations and pictures of the King.

The palace of Rama IV, with its design inspired by the Kings visit Europe.

 Another Temple..... there are many temples as 95% of the Thai population is Buddhist.
Next stop was a place called The Ruby factory. Ruby is the popular precious stone found in Thailand. Here we found alot of beautiful Ruby pieces but unfortunately cameras are not permitted inside.

 Next it was off to the MBK centre, which is close to Siam via the skywalk, which a place to find good local textiles, other fashion goods and a lot of resturants.

The National Stadium
 Remember when I had mentioned (HERE) that Siam was divided into the Siam Paragon, Centre and Discovery?! Here at Madame Tussaud I met Brittany Spears.... 

Our tour guide Yuo, she was very nice and knew the history and background of all places.
 Neext was Siam Centre...... The Artsy one.

 I want these shades.... They match my shoes and bag, don't you agree.

Great day friends

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