Friday, 15 February 2013


Today was another beautiful in Dubai..... Its winter this time of the year buts some days are more windy then cold. This is not bad and when in doors the weather is controlled so no difference. Here we venture by Train to the mega sized mall of the emirates that's located far from the city center but  about half an hour away by train that is immune to traffic or any inconvenience of road travels.
Because the train is not underground it comes with the perks of sight seeing. Here are some pictures taken along the way and of me at the mall.

The tallest building in the world.... could fit in my frame.

The Mall of the Emirates as seen from the train station.

This is a part of the mall where all luxury shops are found... Loved it design that depicted a somewhat street walk.

Rocked he bun today


Yolanda B said...

Woww!!! Beautiful place!!x

Jezz Dallas said...

Amazing photos!!

Oliva Ins said...

I have been to Dubai few times beautiful place :)
Like your blog maybe we can follow each other ?:)