Sunday, 3 February 2013


This weekend we went to the Jatujak Market. This is the weekend market (only held on Saturdays and Sundays). Apparently its on of the attractions in Thailand and a must see. P.S. its 1 of the 1000 things to see before you die. The market is biiiiiiiiiiiiig, Mum and I were not even able to see it all. The market is packed with a lot of tourists and locals, with a mix of local handcrafts, food, clothing,pet and animal accessories, home deco, shoes, e.t.c. (the list is endless) and opportunities endless. This market caters for all interest, from food lovers, shopaholics and thrift store hunts; its all about choice and the strength to search.

Here is Coconut ice cream stand that is unique to the market.

Here are some hilarious toilet customized signs i found as i walked around, love em!

Jatujak Park which is next to the market, the market was named after it. 

The road facing the market 

 The car park to the market, and this isn't half of the people who are there.


feH said...

It must be a great event :)

Caroline Topperman said...

So jealous! I love these types of markets they are so inspiring!

flair mavens said...

I LOVE CHATUCHAK WEEKEND MARKET. They are so much fun!! :)