Friday, 8 February 2013


 This was a lovely day in Bangkok. The weather was cool not as hot and sunny, which made it a lovely day for sight seeing. The first stop was the temple of the golden Buddha where we saw the Buddha made out of solid gold. This was a lovely day with a lot of pictures which had to be divided into several different post.  

The front entrance to the temple

Tourist need to buy tickets for viewing the golden Buddha...... 40 Baht will get you in.

The entrance to the golden Buddha temple

The temple bell

The golden Buddha

The beautiful temple is all handcrafted and decorated over a period of years 

 The praying Buddha
The walking Buddha; he happen to be a symbol for moving forward, so those who are about to do final examination, or promotions come here to pray for its blessings.

As you exit the temple you get a glimpse of the Monk quarters were they stay in the temple compound.
Next we head to the temple of the Residing Buddha but as we head there we pass through China town Bangkok, where they getting ready to prepare for the the Chinese new year. 

The gate to China Town.

The streets of China town

I will share pictures from the Temple of The Reclining Buddha on my next post, so keep yours eyes on this space........

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Caroline Topperman said...

I'm really enjoying all these pics! Day 4 was so great as well.