Sunday, 27 October 2013


 This is the roof top on top od the food market where people come to eat, drink and have hangouts.... Quite the crowd.
 These ladies walked around showing clothes from a shop called "Me and U" which has absolutely fabulous things that are on trend
Stripes and monochromes are definitely in for the season... Spot the stripes.

There are several shopping stoles around the roof top... I like this vintage one, a lot of fab stuff.

Like this crop top

Dressed my girl in this Mr.Price Tee and a lovely leather skirt we got at one of the stoles.

Loved this street walkers style..... xxxxx

Next stop was Me and U store
A few of my fave picks
Peplum denim top with spikes....

Glam dress.... A Great Gatsby Look.

Lovely jewelry pieces... the statement is loud and clear. 

Loved this jumpsuit look.....

Loved the versace neck piece, Moschino belt and this dress/top.... 

Monochrome mania

Street walker with an amusing hairstyle, lol

Another vintage stole with its owner ....
This brings me to the end of the fabulous picture of my day at Neighbourgoods,
Hope u enjoyed through my lens.
Look out my next post where I will share what u need to know about Neighbourgoods.

Thursday, 24 October 2013


In Jo'burg and free this weekend? Yes!
Then Neighborgoods market is the place to be. Went there a week ago with my friend and had the greatest time ever (Yes it was my first time). Located in Bram' close to the Mandela Bridge. The establishment in the area are open all through out the week but the food market is only open on the weekends (Saturday and Sunday). Here are pictures taken on my time there, they are a lot so on this first part of two I will share the food market pictures.

 Fun guy who jumps into the picture, lol....

 There are over 30 different food stalls, take your pick; from sweet delights to vegan to vegetarian to to Indian. The only challenge is how hungry you are.

 This bakery had the nicest treats.. I must say those brownies spoke truth.

We settled for a Balkan Burger and it was delicious!!!! It had the longest line of people waiting, and as curious as we humans are we had to taste what all the fuss was about.
Hope u enjoyed these picture... sorry if they got you a little hungry ;)
End of part one stay tuned for part two

Monday, 21 October 2013


More From Leigh-Anne and the her chronicles of the crop top


Here are some of the way u can rock one of this seasons hottest trends......
Let Leigh-Anne One star who just cat get enough lead the way....
Long live the crop top.
Images courtesy of Google