Wednesday, 30 January 2013


This was our 1st day in Bangkok (mum and I), and the shopaholics we are our first stop waaaaaaas........... Guess! If you said "The mall", you guessed right, lol. 
We started our day late as we were jet lag; the mall we went to is called Siam Paragon, which is connected to to other malls Siam center and Siam discovery that are equally as big. Siam paragon is a mixture of luxury brand shops (i.e Louis Vuitton, Y.S.L) a department store and international clothing brand stores (i.e Zara, Mango, etc). Siam center and discovery I didn't venture to on this day.
Here are some pictures at the mall.

The Thailand version of the MacDonald's man. 

My future car, want a ride,??! l.o.l.....
The RR( Rolls Royce) show at the mall :).

Should I or shouldn't I? That is the qn!

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