Tuesday, 29 January 2013


This was the day we were heading out with mum, all was well and joyful until we got to the airport and the flight had been delayed for three hour due to weather. Unfortunately the weather in Dubai was terrible so all flight from there had been delayed or cancelled.
Here are some pictures of mum and I at the business lounge as we  waited for the flight and others at the Dubai A380 emirates terminal. It was a good flight thankx to our safe arrival but we were very tired by the time we reached the end of our journey.
Due to weather the flight to Hong Kong was cancelled but because we were so tired, as the Dubai to Bangkok flight was delayed, we decided to stop over in Bangkok first. 

Gold was the theme of the day, lol ;)

Waiting for the train.....

In the train taking us to the A380  terminal from our drop off point

The terminal

Ice cream as we waited....... yuuuuuuum

Bye Bye Dubai

Happy Tuesday Lovies

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