Saturday, 18 May 2013


The weather is getting colder and colder as the days goes. This only leads to more covering up and less sick. Winter is always a dull time for most, with earlier mornings and nights, early to shine and darkness. On the brighter side we have the pleasure of layering, for fashionistas, clear skin and well less or no burns from the not so friendly summer sun. I'm happy for the coming of Winter.....
All my friend tells me, with evil laughs, is, "Wait until you are cold or freezing at night, we'll see how excited you will be then!"
Hahahahaha reality will burst my bubble of seasonal joys.
Well we shall see, but I'm guessing this may come with an annoying change of attitude :(.
Well to more brighter time of the few days of Autumn in hand, here is another beautiful but windy day spent at the University.

Top-JayJays; Leggings-H&M(Bangkok); Shoes-Legit; Handbag- Hand me down; Chain-Gift;
 Hand accessories- Mr.Price,SassDiva.

What are your thought on Winter?
Lovely Day Loves
Enjoy your weekend


Nada Diaa said...

love the sneakers !

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Tatyana Mengsen said...

Thank you @Nada I will check it out.

Yolanda B said...

Beautiful place .....xoxo