Saturday, 25 May 2013


Sorry for my absence my dear friends, life has been getting in the way and its that time of the semester in Uni' where there is just too much to do in such little time. Phew the balancing acts of life!!!! Sometimes we drop some balls and unfortunately My blog has been that ball lately. It saddens me but I always take pictures when ever I can so as time allow I will slowly catch you guys up.
P.s. School work is no excuse not to look good, lol.
Now to the fun stuff..... PICTURES!
Todays post is from a few days ago when my besties sister came over with her husband to visit us. Here are some pictures of us, the sister and husband at Emperor Palace, Kempton Park that is also nicknamed The Vegas of Africa.

 A few drinks before dinner time as we all get to know each other and the sisters catch up.

The Bar we were at..... The Decor here is just beautiful and the art works are just out of this world...

We passed through this casino area as we headed to the restaurant side of the Hotel

Met this guys that play statues... my friend thought they were statues, LOL, imagine her shock when they moved... ROFL

Having some drinks as we wait to be seated

Seated ready for dinner.... at Tribal Restaurant

As you all can notice the Deco compliments its name.. 


Dinner.... Game Platter

Drums that are part of the restaurants deco...

More of that art work...

Cheerio folks.....
Have a lovely Saturday..

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Caroline Topperman said...

Yay, those pictures are so awesome and decadent looking!