Friday, 17 May 2013


Today's style crush is a courageous, humble and strong woman that is close to my heart.
Mrs. Guiliana Rancic is this weeks style crush. The E news and Fashion police presenter is closest to most to our hearts... Not only has she graced our television screen for a long time but has also offered us an intimate view of her life behind the screens. For those who watch her reality show, may stand witness to all her difficulties to get pregnant and health scares. She still remains strong and offers an encouraging smile to her viewers. An inspiration to all. Watching her has made me strong to most unfortunate event in my own life,  she has shown me there is hope for all but also that not all bad things in life last forever. She now has a beautiful baby boy and is of good health. Let all take lessons from her, for all works out in the end.  
Apart from her strong character her style sense has not gone unnoticed. Her outfits on E news, the red carpet and fashion police are most of the time inspiring to any fashion lover.
Here are a few of my favorite as they are way tooo many amazing looks.

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