Thursday, 27 December 2012


GREETINGS fellow Earthling, I had been on a crazy quest to get cut off shorts and every where i looked everyone seemed to be wearing them ( summer must -haves). The shops either had them a size too big or too small, how unlucky can one be huh?
All this hustle just to find the solution was in my own backyard, MAKING them. With a DIY that I discovered and shared on my tumblr a/c ( and here a week ago, I got to work and voila.........Cut off short wear born.
My wardrobe is now the proud owner of a new summer must have and it cost me nothing but an old pair of boyfriend shorts lying uselessly in the back of my wardrobe. the force of the Earth apparently were pushing me towards saving and using my creative side ;).
Check them out, and how i rocked them on this casual day at this furniture shop with my friend Nazma.
Here they come!
Close your eyes no peeking......

Made u look!  
Short-DIY, Stockings- Woolworths, Shoes-Vintage, Watch-Cotton on, Choker & Bangles-Sass Diva, 

Let me know what you think, Am I good or Am I good ?


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