Thursday, 1 August 2013


HELLO Lovies, how have you all been?
It has been a while since my last blog post, I had to take a break as I had unfortunately lost my aunt when I had gone home to for my uni holidays. I was shaken by this and my normal activities, thrown into oblivia.. I have been attempting to get back to normal everyday blogging but I'm sometimes frozen half way thus save my post for another day where I can speak or share post with ounces of joy that I would like my reader to experience as I have always believed happy thought can be communicated through words and images. Loss is a very weird feeling, and we all seem to experience it in different ways, some coping better then other.
The only feeling that keeps me at ease is the thought that she is in a better place and that one day we shall all be together again...
Rest In Peace to my lovly Aunt/ Dr.Judith Kahama Maro

I'm slowly but surely trying to get back to the groove of things, kindly be patient with me if posts aren't coming as often as they need to..

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