Wednesday, 21 August 2013


After watching countless episode of the Carrie Diaries, the SJP bug took a bite of me on this day and suddenly I was inspired to dress like the young Carrie Bradshaw with less of the 70's flare and more of the modern twist.
A day at the mall with my gal Naaz..

jeans shirt- Zara; bag- Woolworth; skirt- Old; shoes- Legit; earrings and accessories- Sass Diva

 Coffee break....
Or in my case Hooot hot chocolate, lol
(lately I have had the feeling that the use of the word 'LOL' is sooo dated but oh well, some moments can't be fulfilled  with a simple hahahahaha).

Basking in the sun...
(P.S. I was told I looked like I had evil thought going through my mind at this moment.. poor me, just trying to avoid the sun hitting my face, caught at the wrong moment. This is what the media does every day; framing events to what they want us to believe).

Sunshine buddies..

The day comes to an end..

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