Saturday, 10 November 2012


Hello lovely bloggers,
Its been a while since my last post but I been held back by exams and have been terribly busy, so now that I have a little time on my hands I plan to put up posts. Please do forgive me for my absence and hopefully I have taken enough photos to keep you guys updated on what I have been wearing and I do look super fab ;).
The life as a blogger can be damn complicated but man its fun, I wish there was a university degree on blogging and the exam would probably be a post that would have to be judged by a big magazine editor; and what's more fab the top best blog posts of the class would get a feature in the magazine or something of the sort.......
Woooooow wasn't that dream fabulous, but what would we be without our dreams, if you don't dream then maaaaaan you are boring. We are only as high as our dreams and if we meet those dreams then we just make new ones. Everyone need to have dreams thats what makes living so much fun.
Hope you enjoy the coming post,

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