Wednesday, 31 October 2012


It was my good friend Naz party on this lovely night. I organised a diner for her and we celebrated by inviting some friends to join us; for an evening of food, laughs and of course presentssss. ;) (The best part about any birthday celebration).

The Birthday girl and I

Dig in
A toast to many returns

This was one of the lovely ladies who served our table, she was the best, God bless her soul.

Shelly, The owner, Nazma.

We had diner at a restaurant close to my university, in Featherbrook village, called Pralina. The stuff there were amazingly  friendly and the owner a bundle of joy to the entire group. Our table was well attended (considering its big number) and the service, like drink orders and food were fast. They really contributed to an evening well spent.
Its a place that is guaranteed a return.
If you do find yourselves in the Rumsig area do drop by :)

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Anonymous said...

Nice pictures! Satisfaction!
Happy Birthday and celebration! Far I have been good!