Saturday, 20 October 2012


Last weekend the Uni organized a trip to Suncity and it was amazing. The place was quite far (3 hour drive, one way) but the company made it batter and we had quite an amazing time. The place is very big, so the pictures are of the area around the valley of waves, the water park we had gone to,  on this hot Saturday. The weather was perfect for a day in the water.
The day in pictures.

Before we left..... some of the fab ladies.

Where my head was here I don't know........ Some where in the clouds maybe,lol.

On the way there..... in the middle of no where.

We are thereeeeee yeeeeeeey!!!!!!

At the valley of waves.

The man made beach they have there.

Relax as u go around the stream.

Out and Around Suncity.

It was a great day but all good things must Sadly come to an end. 


micha said...

pretty pictures and fun,

Caroline Topperman said...

You guys look like you are having way to fun a time!