Saturday, 25 August 2012


Style feature Ms. Melesha Gross from Fashion's Name blog

Which celebrity's style do you admire the most and why?
 I admire Beyonce's style because she is very trendy. She can wear absolutely anything and make it look fabulous. Another thing that appeals to me when comes to Beyonce is her level of class.
What is your favorite store?
I love H&M and American Apparel, some of my favorites pieces of clothing have come from these stores.
What sparked your interest in fashion?
 Lady Gaga is the reason I started fashion blogging. I honestly started feeling guilty about the amount of time I spent looking over her outfits. So after a few months of stalking Lady Gaga on the internet I started my first blog and then later moved to
Who/What do you get inspiration from?
 God, music, art, photography, family, and positive energy inspire me.
What inspired the name of your blog?
The reason I named my blog Fashion's Name is because I believe that my name belongs in the fashion world. And I believe one day my name will be an important part of the fashion realm. Naming the blog this was a means of motivation for myself to be the best blogger I can be to inspire others.
HERE where to find her-Fashion's Name

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