Wednesday, 15 August 2012


Last week Sunday, the big brother Africa came to a conclusion leaving South African: Keagan, the winner after 91 days in the house. My girls and I couldn't make it for the studio even but we were all there at their after party held @ Hush, Rosebank.
Our night in pictures:
As we arrived ( my girls looking fabulous)

From left: Irena, Shema, Zerina and I
Miss Taty Bliss with our TZ rep Julio

It was packed

Da Les in the house

The adorable Ms.Barb
With Alex and Jannette

Junia, Diva fab queen (Goldy) and I

Ivy and Junia( she's so sweet)

DKB in the house

Strike a pose

Keitta (who is also known as Mr. One boxer; caused by last minute packing before coming into the house, lol)

Ladies looking hoot
Ivy, Julio, Zerina, Shema and Irene

Mr. IK joined the pic

Julio and Ivy getting there groove on ;)

Necto C about to do his thing

His performance at BBA finale


sandy sandhu said...

great pictures. Looks like having great fun.

Syarifah Alawiyah said...

great post! nice outfit :) i already follow your blog, this's my blog, i'm waiting for your follow, Taty :)