Saturday, 6 July 2013


Winter is here my lovely people! The weather in SA goes against other places. As u all undress for with the arrival of summer in SA it is again time to cover up as winter gets here... I love winter (lol, if it wasn't so cold), but the layering males it so much fun, and fashion becomes so much more creative and fun.
 To my advantage i get the best of both world because I got to escape the winter for a bit as I came home to Tanzania for my holiday where for the next few weeks, where I get to bask in the sun, and my only thought of winter are left far behind (for a bit). Well for my lovely layering and fashion lovers the Faux Fur Vest is a must have in all your closets.
Here are a few ways u can rock it...

 Where you can get your, C/O GraziaSA.

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Caroline Topperman said...

Oh this makes me want to think of winter. Loving these vests!