Friday, 29 June 2012


Yesterday was my birthday, and as usual its the best time of the year for me as I'm a lover of presents and surprises; this year I got both. A birthday always feels like a personal New Year, a time to even make resolutions that should be met before my next birthday. It also stands as a reminder that I have once again grown a year older then the day before, lol, amazing!!!! It would seem that the aging and changes in your body creep up on u, may be as we sleep,but it remains a mystery that is to be solved. A question is, like weight gain, why does aging just seems to happen out of the blue?
My lovely boyfriend surprised me with a fun day by the pool and beach ( as I he recalled that I spoke of not being there in a long time).
My day in picture:

waterfall dress- Cotton on malaysia; wedges- ledgit; bikini- ackermans;pool dress-woolwrth-Tanzania
Have a lovely Friday :)
The weekend begins.


Diane said...

Thank you very much for the comment!
Happy belated birthday, your dress is very cute! :)

Chic Disobedience said...

I agree with Diane, your dress is amazing! Great blog!